Welcome to My world

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Welcome to My world

Most of my Respositories could be found in my github, you can follow My github page

My public projects

1. SDL (Modified for Android)

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is a famous cross-platform development library which allows developers to port their projects (mostly games) to most platforms. However, the Android port is a little bit old, it could be used, but not that modern. I use kotlin to convert and rewrite most code in Android part, and use coroutine to instead of the thread in Java. Still in developing of something, like bluetooth and hid devices, but most functions work well.

Github: https://github.com/huhao1987/SDL

2. mGBA_Android

It is a unofficial Android port of a famous GBA emulator - mGBA. There is no official Android version of mGBA, looks like the author doesn`t have a plan to do it. It is the reason I create this project.

I modify the core of mGBA to suit the Android platform. Also use my modified SDL to port video and audio to Android. It is still in developing, but core functions are working well now.

Github: https://github.com/huhao1987/mGBA_Android

3. NXloaderRB

It is a small tool on Android which is used to inject bin file for Nintendo Switch.

You can download it in Google Play, it is a free app but includes a little ad, if you feel it is a nice tool, you can igonre the ad or maybe click it to give me a support, thank you.

Github: https://github.com/huhao1987/NXloaderRB


4. RMMV-android-deployment

The project is a library which helps Rpg maker MV game creators to build Android version of their games very easy.

It is built by kotlin, so the codes of it are less and easier to read than Java

Github: https://github.com/huhao1987/RMMV-android-deployment

My private projects

They are not really private projects, just because I try to develop them, but finally I have no time to finish them, if I finish them in the future, I may public them as the public projects. If you are interested with them, you can try to send a email with me to discuss about them.

1. jrmxp

This project is a startup project(might not be..). It is a extend project on Rpg maker engine, but not for MV, it is for Rpg maker xp. The RMXP is based on Ruby, and not open source(Of course). There are some nice projects for RMXP in the github, like the mkxp. But they are not just for Android, or hardly use for Android. So I try to build myself a new one. It is based on Jruby and Libgdx. Jruby could run the ruby scripts from RMXP on Android, and libgdx is used to port most of actions like show the images, maps and play sounds. And as my plan the final project could process most of win32api actions just for Android, such as input words. I will try to simulate them in the project. But it is still slow to develop, I have no idea when I can finish it.

2. dlibforandroid

The dlib library is an open source library for the face detection, but it is based on C, it is little bit hard to use on Android, that`s the reason I build this project. I try to port functions from it to Android(Java), however sadly, I didn`t finish it and it stopped for a long time

3. rpgmakermvplayer

It is a project which is based on my exist public one RMMV-android-deployment. It is a common Rpg maker mv player which can add and play mv games, as there are some similar players in the market, so I didn`s public it. However, it do have some features which are from my createive, like to store the save file in the storage.